Why choosing us?

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are a benchmark in the industry.

We understand the market and know what our customers need.

We offer quality service in a timely manner.

Our team is endorsed by national and foreign professional associations.

Each project is unique and deserves our attention, regardless of size.

About us

Lorena Roqué, sworn translator and English teacher, who has been working in the field of translation, interpreting and teaching for over 20 years, is the director of the company.

In 1999, she decided to launch T & I faced with the necessity of creating a team of linguists as an unavoidable response to the massive increase in workload. This is mainly due to the quality, accountability and professionalism with which we face our tasks.

Today, we are a team of translators, teachers, interpreters, proofreaders and designers graduated from the most prestigious national and foreign universities, who also have the support of professional bodies such as C.T.P.C.B.A - A.T.A - A.D.I.C.A. - A.P.I.B.A., etc. We believe that only this type of team can provide the expertise and professionalism our customers deserve.


“Before meeting T & I, we did not know of the importance of translating our web content. Now we can reach a wider market, and more and more customers come to us thanks to this change maker."

Gabo – Chef - Rancho Aparte

"The translation services provided have a superlative quality, besides the willingness and availability during the 365 days. This is highly valued by international companies like ours, which must report to the parent company periodically. I cannot conclude without mentioning the high technical training they have in handling files in different formats, allowing us to translate documents from one format to another. We are really satisfied with the service and we widely recommend the team."

Bernardo N. Jarabroviski – CEO – HFLA S. A.

“Our Company in Hamburg, Germany develops and supplies filling level and environmental systems worldwide.
T & I Bureau de Traducción e Interpretación has been working for us for several years as a translation agency. We appreciate this successful cooperation a lot."

Holger Muller- Technical Editor - Fafnir
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