Our Work

  • Technical, scientific and literary translation

    Our company knows that technical and scientific translations need specialized professionals in the field. Therefore, we rely on translators dedicated to each area of expertise.

    - Technical and scientific texts: mechanical, electro-mechanical and general engineering; computing; energy, gas and oil; chemical and explosive materials; mining; telecommunication; automotive and auto parts; general machinery; medicine.
    - Business texts: mailing, financial statements, balance sheets, auditor reports.
    - Marketing and advertising texts: catalogues, brochures, product launching.

    On the other hand, a literary work generally gives us a sense of a vivid experience. A literary work is complex. The main problems in literary translation are the polysemic quality of the words and the recreation of what a good writer wants to express. Therefore, it is imperative to immerse in this world and recreate the language with metaphors to convey that feeling. We rely on literary translators with many years in the literary business and a broad ground covered.

  • Subtitling and dubbing

    Audiovisual translation includes different types of work, such as subtitling and dubbing of movies, television series, corporate videos, documentaries and work presentations or training videos. Our audiovisual translators are aware that to achieve a good job the translation should include an adaptation to bridge the gaps between cultures, while respecting the original meaning at all times.

    - Subtitling
    - Voice-over
    - Narration

  • Legal and sworn translation

    Legal translation includes extensive knowledge in legal matters of the different cultures involved in the task. Our team specializes in different branches of the legal field and understands legal jargon to achieve excellent terminological quality and comprehensibility.

    Sworn translation involves the translation of a document in a foreign language to the national language, the national language to a foreign language, or from a foreign language to another. It must bear the signature and seal of a sworn certified translator in the languages involved. It must comply with the formalities established by the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA), which certifies the signature and seal of this professional. We count on a large team of sworn translators who certify the translation and are ethically and legally responsible for their work.
    - Legal texts: contracts, statutes, powers, proceedings, claims, licenses, patents and trademarks, laws and regulations, expert opinions, notarial documentation, etc.
    - Personal documentation: ID, certificates, academic documentation, etc.

    We can take care of the legalization process in the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA).

  • Localization

    The localization process differs from the translation. Translation involves passing a text from one language to another and localization goes beyond that concept, it implies a cultural dimension. It is the adaptation of a text to meet the language and cultural requirements of a specific target market.

    No matter what your business is about, translating and localizing your website, documents, manuals, catalogues, sales support materials and service and social media content is the best way to reach more customers and increase revenue with minimal complications and expenses. It is a bridge between cultures and a powerful marketing tool.

    T & I can help you perform this with expert translators, web designers and marketing that allow you to reach the markets have always dreamt.

    Localization of web, business and multimedia content
    - Software localization
    - Video games localization

  • Interpreting

    We know that your multilingual meetings depend on the quality of the organization and interpreting. Not only do you need to understanding the language, but also you must have knowledge in the field to cross language barriers for every participant to take full advantage. Therefore, whether you are in a business meeting, a chat or a mega-event, our event organization professionals ensure every detail as they are in charge from the beginning. Moreover, our interpreting professional delved deeper into the subject for the occasion to reflect quality and professionalism at your event. We offer trained interpreters for different specialties.

    - Simultaneous Interpreting: the interpreter orally translates the speaker's presentation, and the audience receives the translation via headphones. Ideal for conferences, congresses, business meetings, educational lectures, product presentations with more than 15 people.
    - Consecutive Interpreting: the speaker delivers the speech and then allows the interpreter to convey the oral translation. It is generally used in small business meetings, sightseeing, shopping tours, press conferences.
    - Telephone or video conference interpreting: if you wish to make a call or participate in a conference call with foreign partners, we can provide the services of a qualified interpreter to help you communicate effectively.
    - Other services: whispering and liaison.

  • Editing, copy-editing and proofreading

    Our certified proofreaders perform several readings of the document to ensure an effective and professional work. It is a quality assurance for your original texts and translations.

    Editing: this service includes the revision of the translated text against your original document. Emphasis is placed on the accuracy of the translation, the correct use of grammar and idiomatic expressions, and the ease of reading of the translated text.

    Proofreading: It is the final correction of a text before publication, usually in publishing format.

    Copy-editing: it focuses on spelling, grammar, syntax, typographical syntax, style, format and factual accuracy in accordance with the rules and regulations of bodies governing linguistic standards.

  • Layout and design (DTP)

    Our professional graphic designers team, with thorough knowledge of applications, teamed up with our professional translators to create, update, layout or translate any type of document: imaging products, brochures and leaflets; manuals and instruction books; catalogues, presentations, educational and training literature; e-Books; web and multimedia productions, and others.

    We deal with the whole process, from the composition to the printing tests. In this way, you do not need to hire several providers for the same job.

    We offer this service to complement a translation project or as a stand-alone service.

    - PDF documents conversion, (or other formats)
    - Professional publishing editing of files or DTP (Desktop Publishing)
    - Professional design of texts such as brochures, advertisements, books, etc. Besides, this task can be combined with a translation project that demands publishing edition.
    We also provide formatting and layout services: the format, final art and preparation of files, for either graphics or online documentation.

  • 2016 Courses

    - "SDL Trados Studio 2015" In-person and online courses. 2016 Open Enrolment.
    - “Professional image" Webinar. 2016 Open Enrolment.
    - “Job Placement" Webinar. 2016 Open Enrolment.
    - “Quality Control Tools (QA)" In-person and online courses. 2016 Open Enrolment.

    If you want tailored classes or training for your staff, do not hesitate to contact us at capacitacion@transinter.com.ar to obtain a quote or know the available timetables.

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